Can dexamethasone reduce swelling

Dexamethasone for swelling

dexamethasone for swelling

Dexamethasone is a man-made steroid compound that has been found to be very effective in reducing swelling in a number of medical conditions. The drug is one of the most effective and best tolerated anti-inflammatory medications that reduce swelling and edema caused by arthritis, cancer, lung ailments, and some cancer treatments.

Swelling can be painful and in some diseases can be life threatening. Most swelling that is the result of disease is caused by the buildup of body fluids in the part of the body that is affected by the disease. Dexamethasone mimics the action of anti-inflammatory compounds that are made by the human body. The drug is more efficient in removing the excess fluid that results from disease than the natural compounds made by the body.

Dexamethasone is especially significant in reducing the swelling of the brain that results from brain cancer. The drug is also used to prevent swelling of the brain tissues during chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.

A part of the brain that swells due to cancer or the treatment of cancer is extremely dangerous. Swelling of one part of the brain can squeeze other parts of the brain and spinal cord producing loss of both physical and mental function. Dexamethasone stops the buildup of fluid and white blood cells in the area of the brain that is affected by cancer. The drug also reduces the nausea that accompanies chemotherapy and improves the patient’s appetite.

Dexamethasone has also been found to be one of the most effective drugs that reduce the swelling and accompanying pain caused by arthritis. Scientists and physician do not know exactly why arthritis causes joints to swell. The pain that accompanies the swelling caused by all forms of arthritis is one of the most frequent complaints of people that have arthritis.

Dexamethasone acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the swelling that accompanies arthritic conditions. The reduction in swelling brings relief from the pain of arthritis.

Dexamethasone is one of the few drugs that are safe for children and women that are pregnant to take if they suffer from swelling caused by cancer or arthritis. The drug has been proven to have no effect on unborn children’s health or development before birth and after birth.

Dexamethasone is also used to reduce swelling that accompanies many lung diseases like asthma, croup, COPD, and many allergies. Dexamethasone is up to 40 times more effective in reducing the swelling that accompanies lung ailments than the naturally produced compounds from the body. Swelling reduces the air flow to a person’s lungs and is not only uncomfortable but can produce damage to other parts of the body due to lack of the necessary amounts of oxygen.

Dexamethasone is one of the most effective and most frequently used drugs to reduce swelling in many diseases. The drug has few side effects and is not to be used in people that have malaria, some fungal infections, and smallpox.

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