Can you use dexamethasone for ulcerative colitis

Dexamethasone and ulcerative colitis relief

dexamethasone for ulcerative colitis
The question of using dexamethasone as a treatment of Ulcerative Colitis is a weighty one the risks and side effects of using a corticosteroid as a treatment are for some an indication to refuse to use the drug. The benefits of using dexamethasone for an individual who is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, may argue that the symptoms and return to remission are worth the risks.

The risks involved can include the following: psychological problems such as: insomnia, anxiety, and mood swings. The risk of a pregnant woman and a woman who is breast feeding using dexamethasone can be long lasting, from the baby needing to be monitored after birth for development defects such as slow growth and risk of compromising the immune system.

Compromising the immune system in either a baby or an adult can lead to complications especially after the individual has completed a series of injections or tablets. The compromised immune system can allow the individual to contract an illness that can be severe or even lead to death. If you have a fungus infection in your system tell your physician it is not recommended that using steroids at this time as the infection may increase.

Drug interactions are another problem make sure that if you are using dexamethasone that you tell your doctors and pharmacist that you are using the steroid so that there will not be adverse reactions. Before taking any medications have the doctor check for adverse reactions from the combination of the two drugs.

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid and is an anti-inflammatory and can relieve pain. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease that attacks the bowel which causes inflammation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The steroid reduces or blocks the bowel from becoming inflamed and can alleviate the symptoms and greatly reduce pain.

The individual who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis and is prescribed a steroid regiment should follow the instructions carefully and if the doctor changes your diet to help with the symptoms or flare ups follow instructions and the inflammation will subside and can lead to remission. This is the best benefit for an individual who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis.

Individuals who are prescribed a steroid regiment should not stop taking the medicine abruptly, this can lead to sever withdraw and increased pain. Your doctor will slowly reduce the dosage to allow the body to naturally reduce the need for the steroid, without complication.

The relief from suffering and the freedom to live symptom free and enjoy a normal active life style is a major benefit of the use of dexamethasone to treat Ulcerative Colitis. It will not cure the disease but will enhance the individuals life with fewer episodes and lessened pain a truly wonderful benefit.

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