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Dexamethasone injection dosage, side effects, uses, for adults, dogs and cats

Dexamethasone injection dosage

dexamethasone injection dosage
Dexamethasone is most commonly seen as a topical gel or ointment to be used when there is an inflammation. It is also available as an injection and can be used on humans as well as dogs and cats. When you are going to use such an injection, you want to know about the dosage, side effects, and uses.


The dosage can vary based upon who it is being given to and for what purpose.

For veterinary use on large animals, such as horses and cattle, the injection dosage is generally 2 mg/ml. It is generally based upon weight and can vary from 4 mg all the way down to 0.25 mg. The dexamethasone dosage will only be administered after the animal has been weighed and the level of infection or inflammation has been properly explored.

Side effects

The side effects can vary with dexamethasone injections based upon who or what the patient is as well as how much was actually used within the injection. Some of the most common symptoms that are experienced include itchiness, blurred vision, and other allergic type reactions. Many of these will clear up on their own within a few hours, though they can be more severe.

If a person, dog, or cat begins to experience breathing problems or some other kind of severe side effect, medical attention should be sought after immediately.


The uses of the dexamethasone injections are going to be very different for humans than they are going to be for dogs and cats.

If your doctor recommends a dexamethasone dosage for you, it is likely because of a burn or rash. It can be used for poison ivy, acne, and various other skin conditions as well. The more severe it is, the more likely that you will need the medication because of the presence of corticosteroids. Sometimes the injection is recommended over a topical gel because it will go into the body faster. As soon as it reaches the system, the chemical production can come to a halt and this can reduce the redness and itching of the inflammation.

With dogs and cats, a dexamethasone injection can be used for asthma, allergies, systematic lupus, tumor growth, inflammatory bowel disease, and much more.

It has been shown that dexamethasone injections are capable of suppressing cortisol within dogs and cats, which can help with excessive amounts and also result in calming the animal.

Whether the dexamethasone is going to be used for you or one of your pets, it’s always a good idea to understand the dosage, what it can be used for, and any side effects that you may experience. It allows you to remain knowledgeable about the medication being administered.

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