Dexamethasone for lichen planus

How dexamethasone is used for Lichen Planus

Dexamethasone for lichen planus

If you have been diagnosed with lichen planus, then you likely have a rash forming on various parts of the body. It may form in the mouth, around your genitals, on your hair follicles and on other parts of the body. It can be diagnosed within men and women, though only about 1 in every 5,000 people will get it.

Dexamethasone for lichen planus can be prescribed by a doctor. The medication is known to help reduce inflammation and redness. It can actually tell the body to stop producing some chemicals that lead to the swelling, itching, and redness that occur with the rash. This is because the medication is an immunosuppressant.

The reason that dexamethasone for lichen planus is effective is because of its ability to suppress the immune system. There is no exact known reason as to why the rash forms, but many doctors believe it is caused by the immune system. The immune system sees something as an attack on the body and the result is the rash. Since the dexamethasone is capable of suppressing the immune system, the rash clears up.

There are some caveats as to how dexamethasone is used for lichen planus and whether it is even used.

Location is a major factor. The dexamethasone is generally a topical ointment or cream. It is rubbed onto the surface of the skin in order to reduce the inflammation. If the lichen planus is found on your hand, on the outside of your mouth, or in other easily accessible areas, then it can be applied.

Since the medication is not to be taken orally nor should it be used transvaginally, it’s critical that the doctor knows exactly where the outbreak of the rash is – and that includes all body parts.

The dexamethasone for lichen planus has been used as an injection as well. It is used when there is folliculitis as well as internal inflammation, such as what happens with rheumatoid arthritis or encephalitis. This means that it is possible for an injection to be used near the source of the rash in order to provide a cure as well.

There are also different strengths that can be used. Dexamethasone is considered one of the stronger corticosteroids, so it is prescribed with the highest level of caution. If the rash is severe, the Class IV may be used, which is 0.25%. Otherwise, the Class II may be used, which is 0.05%.

You have to make sure to talk to a doctor because the only way to get dexamethasone for lichen planus is to get a prescription. Even then, you have to talk about where the rash is to determine what form the medication will take and how it will be administered.

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