Dexamethasone for mouth sores

How to use dexamethasone for mouth sores

Dexamethasone for mouth sores

If you have mouth sores, it’s possible to use dexamethasone, but perhaps not in the most traditional way. Dexamethasone has been a prescription medication that has been used for skin conditions such as psoriasis and more. It is most commonly prescribed as a cream or gel. However, on the tube it says not to use orally, which means it cannot be used on mouth sores.

Should you have been given dexamethasone for some other skin condition a while back, it cannot be used for what you have now. When you have mouth sores, it requires a trip to the doctor for a few reasons.

You need a diagnosis. Mouth sores can be several things. You could have a sore as a result of blunt force trauma in the mouth, such as an accident where you had to go to the dentist. You could have a canker sore on your gum. You could also have a cold sore, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus.

A diagnosis is needed before you can determine if dexamethasone for mouth sores is going to work.

You need a prescription. The only way to get dexamethasone is by a prescription. If you have a canker sore, your doctor is likely going to write you a prescription for a dexamethasone elixir. This is a liquid mouth rinse. The most common prescription dosage is for 0.5 mg/ml. You will simply rinse your mouth out with this medication one or two times a day and continue to do so until your doctor tells you to stop.

This is the general way to use dexamethasone for mouth sores if you have a canker sore. It can also be an effective way for dealing with other sores that are in your mouth as a result of an injury.

However, if you have a mouth sore that is caused by the herpes simplex virus, dexamethasone is not going to be helpful. In fact, some research has shown that this corticosteroid can actually cause a recurrence of the herpes virus to occur.

If you have a mouth sore, you cannot assume that dexamethasone from some other inflammation or infection is going to work. You always need a new prescription because it goes along with the new diagnosis. As long as the doctor tells you that your mouth sore is a canker sore, then dexamethasone is likely going to be written for you, though it will be as an elixir as opposed to a gel or cream.

Mouth sores can be painful and cause swelling. By using the elixir a couple times a day for a few days, you can see a marked improvement in no time at all, as long as your doctor writes you a prescription for the dexamethasone.

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