Dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis

How to benefit from dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis

dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, it can be very painful. Not only do you experience pain, but it can also be emotionally damaging and you may not have full physical function. This means you have to look at a way of reducing the swelling within your joints and ligaments.

Dexamethasone has been used for inflammation. While it is commonly associated with dermatology issues, such as dry and irritated skin, it can be used for rheumatoid arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues as well.

Since you are dealing with an internal pain as opposed to a surface pain, the cream or gel that the dexamethasone normal comes in is not going to apply.

If your doctor agrees to dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis, you will get injections. These injections are going to be given as the doctor sees fit. It can be daily, weekly, or less frequently. The goal is to reduce the amount of swelling, which will reduce the pain and improve the physical functions. You may be able to do more once you begin getting the injections because the rheumatoid arthritis will be managed more effectively.

Iontophoresis is a method of application that may be used for the dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis. It uses low level electrical currents to push the corticosteroids deeper into the skin tissue so you can benefit more. It helps for everything to work faster and can eliminate some of the intrusiveness of an injection. It is not widely used yet and doctors are still testing the efficacy.

When you are getting the injections, you want to make sure you follow all doctor orders. This may include not taking certain medications or herbal remedies while you are getting the medication injected into your body. The reason is to avoid any kind of adverse reactions.

You have to be careful as to what you do and what you use the medication for. Just because you are able to use it for one health problem does not mean you can use it for all of them. Dexamethasone is an immunotherapy drug and is highly potent.

If you have a history of medical problems, then your doctor needs to know about all of them. Dexamethasone is not given to everyone and if you have certain conditions, there may be a different drug given to you instead.

If you are given dexamethasone for rheumatoid arthritis, then make sure you follow doctor instructions and look for any negative side effects. If you notice a change in your skin or in your hair, it’s important that you notify your doctor because it could mean you are having an allergic reaction.

While dexamethasone is not the most common medication used for rheumatoid arthritis, the injections have been known to help many people.

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