Dexamethasone for snake bite

Is dexamethasone effective for snake bite?

Dexamethasone for snake bite
Dealing with snakes if no laughing matter, and no easy task at all. Those reptiles can be very unpredictable, and even the most experienced of snake handlers can end up being bitten by a snake, Luckily, not all snakes are poisonous, and when most of them bite, the only real problem that one gets is serious pain, and the risk of getting infected. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, infected wounds can be a serious problem, since it can cause skin infections, and bone infections (osteomyelitis). Ultimately, the infection can expand to other areas of the body, if the bacteria are able to get into the blood vessels. Before modern medicine, a lot of people died due to these types of infections. Nevertheless, there are poisonous snakes out there, and in the event of a snake bite, and depending on the type of poison, dexamethasone could be a life saver, taking into account that it can prevent the release of certain substances into the body.

However, nowadays, we have medication that can take care of these types of problems. Although small wounds are no big deal and do not really need a lot of care, wounds cause by something like a snake bite, can be a serious problem, and need some serious consideration in order to avoid further complications. A way to stop the wound from getting infected, is to use a dexamethasone cream as an anti-inflammatory agent as part of supportive therapy, in order to stop infections from spreading, or even existing.

Dexamethasone is a steroid type of medication, and as such, it can convey come unwanted side effects if it is not properly used. Before using dexamethasone, a doctor should be consulted and informed about any type of medical condition that the patient may have, or has previously had in the past, and about medication currently being used. There are a lot of medicine and medical conditions that can interact with the steroid, and not in a positive way.

While being treated with dexamethasone for snake bite, a doctor should always be going along with the process, since a lot of conditions can also have an effect on the amounts being taken during the treatment, and also because sudden stops in the use of dexamethasone can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, and the doctor should be consulted in order to avoid these withdrawal symptoms. Patients should always do exactly what the doctor says, and follow instructions correctly. If a dose of dexamethasone is missed, it should not be replaced by another one, or should not simply be ignored, the doctor should be called and his instructions should be followed.

To summarize, dexamethasone is a very powerful medicine that can successfully help heal serious conditions such as snake bite, but it should always be very carefully used, and the use of dexamethasone should always be accompanied by a doctor.

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