Dexamethasone to cure sore throat

The use of dexamethasone for sore throat

dexamethasone for sore throat
Using dexamethasone for the treatment of severe sore throat appears to be a common practice in some doctors’ offices and hospitals. This is a steroid used in these cases to relieve pain and inflammation. It is believed, and the studies show that the relief of pain comes more quickly and the symptoms go away much more quickly with a one dose treatment of dexamethasone for sore throat. This is in addition to treatments being used for the illness causing the sore throat, and is considered effective for acute cases of sore throat.

It is used in both adult and pediatric cases. Dexamethasone is used for its rapid anti-inflammatory results, as well as pain relief but it is not used in every cases of sore throat encountered. Doctors use this steroid in cases of acute sore throat to shorten symptoms not only for pain relief but to allow the patient rest and time to allow the treatment for their illness to work. Some studies show the time it takes for the symptoms to start to go away by as much as half the time with the dexamethasone vs the placebo.

Multiple studies were found that stated it is used commonly in cases of severe strep throat in both pediatric and adult cases. Quickly reducing the pain and inflammation of the throat is a strategy that allows the patient to heal more quickly. Not much was mentioned in the studies of side effects, possibly because of the one dose nature of the medication that is used for sore throat.

There are numerous studies available on the use of dexamethasone for sore throat. One such study mentions the use of the medication in cases of infectious mononucleosis, again for the sore throat that comes along with this illness, due to the speed and severity that a sore throat can become threatening with mononucleosis. The use of dexamethasone, is indicated for the acute sore throat and inflammation that is present in various illnesses, but sore throat accompanying the common cold or other minor illnesses was not mentioned and does not seem to be indicated for use of dexamethasone.

It is however only showing in studies for acute sore throat and no minor illnesses were mentioned, so it is not a conclusive fact that it is not used in less severe illnesses. It only conclusive that those studies if in existence were not at the forefront.

It would seem that a one dose treatment of dexamethasone to alleviate severe sore throat and swelling is thoroughly and continuously studied and tested, for both adult and pediatric patients. It has had and continues to have a good success rate and is an accepted treatment among some doctors and hospitals.

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