I have a severe tooth pain. Can I apply dexamethasone?

Benefits and side effects of using dexamethasone for tooth pain

dexamethasone for tooth pain
Dexamethasone is a steroid medication that has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant effects. This drug is used to treat a wide variety of problems including skin diseases, severe allergies, croup, and asthma. The drug has been proven safe for pregnant women to use.

Due to the fact that Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory, dentists are able to give it to patients in small dosages. Most dental procedures result in inflammation of the gums and cheeks. Dexamethasone is able to reduce the swelling as well as reduce the pain that the patient may be experiencing.

While Dexamethasone is a great drug to reduce pain and swelling, it comes with an extensive list of possible side effects. While taking this medication, users may experience weight gain, vertigo, depression, insomnia, increased risk of infection, vomiting, amnesia, nausea, and more. In rare cases users may experience abdominal distention, bruising, pancreatitis, muscular atrophy, and growth stunting in children. Sudden withdrawal after long-term use may result in hypotension, fever, weight loss, myalgia, or death.

Deciding whether or not to use a specific drug can become scary when comparing the benefits and risks of the drug. One must remember that the side effects are often rare or manageable. The side effects of Dexamethasone could be dangerous and a nuisance, but the benefits are hard to ignore. After a dental surgery, such as having wisdom teeth removed, patients desperately want to feel comfortable. This drug is able to reduce the swelling and pain that is caused by such a painful dental surgery.

After comparing the benefits and side effects of Dexamethasone, and considering it for tooth pain relief, patients should be able to make a decision based on their personal health. If a patient often has side effects, they may want to ask their dentist about a different medication with less side effects. A patient who is not worried about the side effects should take this drug for tooth pain. It is really the best way to get through severe tooth pain. People who have minor tooth pain, such as a tooth ache versus a dental surgery, should not use this drug as they may become addicted; steroids should always be used with caution. If a patient becomes addicted to the drug and is forced to withdrawal, they may be at risk for worse side effects, such as death.

After close examination of the steroid medication, Dexamethasone, it is believed that this is a good drug for use with severe tooth pain. This medication is not suggested for long-term use, and quick withdrawal is also not suggested. The risks and benefits of this drug are the same risks and benefits found with most steroid based anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients should use Dexamethasone with caution and not without speaking to their doctor first.

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